Galleria Moon Valley

Galleria Moon Valley

Galleria Moon Valley

Galleria moon valley

moon valley egypt is a compound represents under development & Real estate in egypt, and which contributes to make a quantum leap in traditional concepts of Urban Communities luxury, which is limited to architectural designs unique and distinctive amidst expanses of park sand green spaces to open this new avenues for residential communities based on Specialization. He explained that  « moon Valley new cairo » extends over an area of ​​71 acres divided into 7 residential areas comprising 105 buildings each specificity unique, as well as enjoy all the advantages of various project, which includes 6 swimming pools and gardens of flowers and trees,children’s play grounds by more than 45% of the area The project, as well as area shops, community center featuring Academy to teach music to children, and the moon valley compound is the largest gallery art gallery to display pain tings in Egypt, and also show rooms Cine especially for families to enjoy privacy, as well as a library for young people, in addition to the actions the most sophisticated to provide the highest level of efficiency of the security services.

Source: Real estate egypt


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